Exclusive Face Lift & Permanent Filler Rejuvenation

By Dr. Henley

Traditionally, even some of the highest quality face lifts cannot adequately address the sunken eyes, hollowed temples or mid-face areas of depressed tissue – without looking “pulled.”

Dr. Henley, in partnership with Cook Medical, uses a collagen mesh material customized for each patient. This natural material is completely absorbed and replaced by the patient’s own tissue. The result is a natural fullness that is remarkable.

Instead of resorting to short term fillers, the “BioMatrix Lift” is a more permanent face rejuvenation solution, suitable for most aging patients. Dr. Henley is the first aesthetic plastic surgeon to combine lifting and repositioning, with the permanent rebuilding/regeneration of sunken or hollowed areas. To learn more about this permanent face filler in CO, read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BioMatrix Lift

1. What is the “Biological Collagen Matrix”?

A natural material developed by Cook Medical that operates like a mesh for the body to rebuild its own collagen. The material is precisely sized and placed under the skin during surgery. After a few weeks, the body’s own collagen grows as the mesh dissolves (similar to dissolving stitches), causing no harm to the body, and creating a permanent effect.

2. How does the medical community already use this material?

The material is used with great success in hernia repair, surgical closures that require enhanced healing, heart repair and more. Dr. Julian Henley is the first surgeon to adapt the materials to the facial plastics arena.

3. Is it safe?

The material is very safe and after a period of time, it is completely reabsorbed or dissolved within the body and replaced by the patient’s own supportive tissue.

4. Does it serve specific parts of the face better than others?

Yes, the BioMatrix Lift™ elevates and repositions tissue to give the most aesthetic balance, with particular benefit around the eye socket, cheeks and temples.

5. Do I need fillers if I have the BioMatrix Lift?

The BioMatrix lift eliminates the need for Restylane, JUVÉDERM®, and other fillers.

6. What is the appropriate age for the BioMatrix Lift?

The BioMatrix Lift™ is suitable for patients in their early forties to early eighties.

7. If someone has had a filler, what is the wait time for BioMatrix Lift?

The use of fillers is not a contraindication; however, it is wise to allow the filler to settle and take effect for at least 6 months before the BioMatrix Lift™.

8. How long does the procedure take, and how long is the recovery?

The recovery is the same as for a surgical lift procedure. The BioMatrix Lift™ technology does not add time to the recovery.

9. How long before the result is fully achieved?

On a two-year follow-up, the results appear to be permanent. After any cosmetic procedure, the aging process continues, but with the BioMatrix Lift™ patients do not revert back to their pre-surgical condition.