Domestic Violence Survivor Makeovers – Michelle & Anna

Dr. Henley and his wife, Kari, decided to support the heroic achievements of domestic violence survivors by launching an awareness project and offering FREE facial cosmetic surgery to two brave women in Connecticut.


Michelle, one of our selected women, was repeatedly stabbed by a deranged boyfriend, and nearly died from her wounds. Dateline NBC exclusively filmed her process of working with Dr. Henley to taper her scars, and address any other cosmetic wishes.

Kari Henley helped organize a full makeover, wardrobe and hair from local merchants, and a local restaurant donated a “coming out” party for her family and friends.

Her perpetrator was released a year after her procedures were complete, and she went into the witness protection program.

Read article and see Dateline video clips:

Anna – Guatemalan Survivor

Anna was essentially abducted from Guatemala into the United States by a man who repeatedly beat her, left her with no money, and no way out. Fortunately, at her job, her co-workers recognized the abuse, and arranged to have Anna and her young daughter extracted from the abusive home, and put into protective custody. Gradually, Anna grew stronger, left her husband, went back to school and became a first responder counselor for other women facing domestic abuse.

Dr. Henley provided extensive cosmetic surgical procedures to help ease the years she wore on her face. She later shared with us that this gift of her new face, provided her more self esteem than anything else she had done.

In her own words:

Dear Dr Henley and Staff,

“Words cannot explain my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for me. You have renewed my youth with your skill and have taken years of pain away from my face, which carried the weight of despair and grief. With your help, I now carry the face of a woman with amazing strength, courage and hope. I wake up look into the mirror and thank God, the one who opened your heart and practice giving you the artistic eye to give me the gift of life.”