FAQ’s About Plastic Surgery

Will cosmetic surgery hurt?

All of our cosmetic surgery patients are given anesthesia, either local or general depending on the procedure, to ensure that the patient is comfortable and feels absolutely no pain during the surgery. During the recovery process, some discomfort is normal, but this is easily controlled with pain medication, and does not last long. Bruising and swelling is normal.

Will everyone be able to tell I had plastic surgery?

Dr. Henley strives to produce extremely natural-looking results that enhance the beauty of his patients. His ability to deliver a natural look has gained the respect of his patients and peers alike. Most of his patients report that their friends and family never know they had cosmetic surgery, unless they tell them. Dr. Henley lectures at medical conferences and shares scientific findings and techniques with many surgeons throughout the country.

How long will my plastic surgery results last?

If you undergo a procedure that reshapes the structural contour of your body and face or rectifies an aesthetic imbalance, the results are permanent.

Rejuvenation procedures such as face lifts, forehead lifts, chemical peels, and eyelid surgery can deliver a result, lasting for five to ten years.

Will my surgery leave any permanent scars?

Scars are inevitable with any surgical procedure. However, Dr. Henley is trained in the most advanced scar-minimizing techniques available to plastic surgeons. By concealing the scars in the natural lines or creases of your skin or placing the incision in an inconspicuous location, Dr. Henley is able to create scars that are barely noticeable.

Is plastic surgery safe?

Tremendous advances in surgical techniques and materials over the last decade have made modern plastic surgery safe and relatively easy. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks. Dr. Henley educates each patient on the risks associated with the cosmetic surgery procedure he or she is considering during the initial consultation.

When will I be able to resume my normal activities?

Although it depends on the patient and the procedure, most of our patients are able to return to work in about a week to ten days. We recommend that cosmetic surgery patients wait at least a month before resuming any strenuous activities.

Is plastic surgery expensive?

As plastic surgery techniques have evolved and changed over the years, prices have declined while quality has dramatically increased. Many procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient may return home the same day as the surgery. Thanks to the advances in the field of cosmetic surgery, almost anyone can afford enhancement.

Will my insurance cover cosmetic surgery?

Because most plastic surgery is considered elective, most insurance plans do not cover it. Exceptions can be made when the surgery is medically necessary.

Can I finance plastic surgery?

Today, many financing companies and banks readily finance cosmetic surgery. With low monthly payments and little or no down payment, most procedures are instantly affordable to just about anyone. If you are interested in financing your procedure, the staff at Dr. Henley’s office can refer you to a reputable financing company.

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