Coming From Out-of-Town?

NO problem! The staff at the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Colorado will help make all of the necessary arrangements. Dr. Julian Henley’s elite training, education, and surgical experience consistently attract patients from all over the world. We can help you to make your pre-operative online consultations with Dr. Henley via Skype, and offer assistance in arranging transportation and overnight care in a comfortable hotel or facility nearby.

Dr. Henley Works with Patients from All Over the World!

Out of Town? No problem. Let’s Get Started!

Step 1:

Contact our office to send or e-mail close up photographs of your face from the front and side view, plus background information.

Step 2:

Once received, our team will schedule a Skype consultation with Dr. Henley.

Step 3:

Our team will schedule your surgery date and coordinate travel arrangements.

Arriving by Plane?

We are approximately one hour from Denver DIA with easy shuttles or rental cars.

Step 4:

Recover in style! During the few days of recovery–enjoy yourself! Northern Colorado has been voted one of the top areas to live, so enjoy your recovery time exploring fantastic food, entertainment, and pampering. We will customize your recovery.


“Girlfriends Have Facelifts Together”

*Special discount for friends booking surgeries together.

In Her Own Words – A Testimonial:

“When I mentioned to a dear friend that I was planning to have a facelift, she immediately chimed in that she wanted one too! At first I thought she was kidding, but when she asked me to call Dr. Henley so she could consult with him, I knew she was serious. Since we traveled across the country to have our procedures done, we shared a hotel room, which not only helped a lot with expenses, but our togetherness helped immensely. We were there for each other through the little “rough” patches after surgery, but more importantly we helped keep each other’s spirits elevated. We provided “comic relief” for one another during those first few days when we weren’t yet ready for our close-ups. We still laugh over some of the funny times we shared on that trip and I’ll always think of her as my “Facelift Buddy”. I can’t imagine having done it without her!”
– JB