1. The Sculptured Face I Dreamed Of

    Dear Dr. Henley, Thank you for helping me defy the law of gravity and having the sculptured face I dreamed of... It exceeded my expectations... My warmest wishes for continued success in all creative …Read More

    Arlyn I.
  2. Words Cannot Explain My Heartfelt Gratitude

    Dear Dr Henley and Staff, Words cannot explain my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for me. You have renewed my youth with your skill and have taken years of pain away from my face, which carr…Read More

    Anna L.
  3. Thank You So Much

    Dear Dr. Henley, I have always wanted to wear eye liner! But the hood on the upper eye drooped effecting my vision and left me with no crease to put eye shadow or liner on! I love that you were able t…Read More

    Deb A.
  4. Beautiful and Natural Look

    Dear Dr. Henley, It has been ten years since my surgery no one can tell I had surgery done on my nose! I love it, it is so natural and fits my face. I just had a baby, and people ask me whose nose wil…Read More

    Desiree' O.