Cosmetic Surgery for Every Age

One of the most common questions asked of surgeons is “Am I the right age for this operation?” Often the public has no idea and spends thousands of dollars of treatments, products or procedures that may or may not have a lasting impact.

Dr. Henley is an expert who uses good aesthetic judgement to help create a treatment plan that is right for you, and is not limited to one particular technique. During an initial consultation, the appropriate procedures will be discussed creating an outcome that is right for you.

Dr. Henley’s ongoing achievements in research and development have fueled his efforts to give each of his patients the best look possible through the latest technology.


Historically children have benefited from cleft lip repair and various deformities acquired at birth or as result of trauma. A common operation for protruding ears in the preschool age group can help to prevent self consciousness that can arise.


In the early teens, the most common procedure is nose surgery or rhinoplasty. The usual age for females to consider a rhinoplasty is three years after the onset of menstruation. At that point any nasal deformities can be corrected. A natural looking rhinoplasty can positively affect a teen’s self esteem. Light chemical peels are very effective for controlling acne.

Adults: 20′s and 30′s

Lip enhancements, rhinoplasty, eyelid corrections and body liposculpture are popular operations for younger adult patients. Rhinoplasty and chemical peels for managing acne or early sun damage is popular at this age. Many of these procedures are outpatient with rapid recovery time.

Adults: 40′s and 50′s

The most common complaint in this age bracket is looking “tired all the time.” Small combinations of mini procedures can be very subtle and effective. Botox and fillers are common, as well as liposuction for trouble areas.  A peel or laser treatment greatly benefit the texture of the aging skin and has a truly rejuvenating look.

Adults: 50 and Beyond

Waddle Neck Suspensions and Full Face Lifts are effective for the late 50′s and beyond. Cosmetic surgery is available well into our later years, providing one is in good health. The best surgery is done in harmony with the face, with an incredibly subtle result. The signs of a job well done are found in compliments from friends and family for looking so “rested,” or “happy” or just plain “beautiful.”

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